We ran into this cutie at a local Los Angeles art show when she was rocking a pair of Authentics with one of this seasons hottest trends: The denim overalls. From shorts to pants, when you’ve got a good pair of overalls, you literally can do no wrong: They’re the epitome of cute AND comfy. Style your look with the Chevron Slip-On and the April Bralette to show a bit of skin, and you’ll be pretty cool, too.

Photographer Jason Levins kicks in it Brooklyn for the latest installment of Classic & Family. “Recently I have been burning a lot of film photographing the flower vendor stalls around NYC, and when the clouds are nice I photograph them, but I’m still kind of a good times photographer,” he says, “Capturing moments of my friends and I living it up, basking in the sun on a riverbank, or just enjoying the world for what it is with what we’ve got.” Sounds good to us.

DIY: Beach Hair, Don’t Care

There’s nothing better than coming home from the beach with sultry, messy waves. In fact, this alone is reason enough to go to the beach. Follow our quick braid DIY for no-fuss style at the beach and a tsunami of awesome waves after. Hint: This is also an awesome way to do your hair for long days at the US Open!

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