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Favorite YouTube cover of 2011

Yesterday, we asked you who had the best Vans Girls style from 2011. Now we want to know what was your favorite YouTube cover of the year. This was a hard category to pick videos for, so we’re excited to see who you choose!

Check out the videos below and let us know which one was your favorite (they’re all so good). You don’t need a Tumblr account to vote, and you can vote until midnight on Saturday, Dec. 31.


I originally began writing “Sway” for a friend of mine to sing… but after experiencing 45 minutes of projectile word vomit, the song morphed into being and I knew it was meant for me.

Chris and I were going over the song for the first time a couple days ago and thought y’all might wanna hear something new. Chris Wrate is wonderfully talented (and ridiculously good looking) check it. http://www.ChrisWrate.com)

Full Night of Awesomeness

My pal Allie & I headed down to the Roxy on Sunset this past Saturday night where Amy Kuney was playing a show with a special guest. Surprise! The special guest was Kate Voegele. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic here… Probably because I found myself in a similar situation about a year ago when I first met Amy in Houston, Texas. Then I was visiting my mom and took her to see Kate play. She’s a big One Tree Hill fan… and probably upset that I just told you all that haha. So there we are waiting for Kate to play and on stage is this tiny thing with a huge voice named Amy Kuney. What I found most interesting about Amy was her story. So, I caught up with her after the show and introduced myself and here we are a year later still in touch. This time was a bit different as Amy took the stage with a full band and had a super energetic set, correct me if I am wrong but that guitarist looks awfully familiar right? Anyways, so here she is full set with a little pop up surprise by Kate Voegele. Enjoy some clips from both of their sets below… such talented girls and it was so great to see them play again. 

I’ll Leave You With This…

Hitting the road for the next few days. I’ll be roadtripping from Texas to California to move into my new place, so updates may be a little scarce until Tuesday. I’ll leave you with this to get you throught the weekend though…. Check out this video of a favorite of mine, Miss Amy Kuney, covering Pink’s song ‘Glitter In The Air.’ Then check out the rest of Amy’s channel for some original songs, some great covers, and definitely a few laughs. See you Next week from my new home LA! -Amanda Rae

AMY KUNEY may be a pint-sized 23 year old girl but you won’t be able to help yourself when your jaw hits the floor at what a huge voice comes out of her. Kuney is originally from Oklahoma but if you ask her she’s “from everywhere.” She grew up as a missionary kid and still stays very involved in a mission in Honduras, In fact she even has a bracelet for sale at her shows that benefits the Simple Things Charity. Her debut album “Bird’s Eye View” is out now and can be purchased on iTunes. She is currently on tour with Kate Voegele and has previously played shows with Damien Rice and The Veronicas. Her music has also been featured in the hit TV show “One Tree Hill.” Although she has been playing guitar, piano, and singing for many years the story of what made her want to become a touring musician is pretty amusing. In Oklahoma she was homeschooled with the Hanson kids [Yes mmm-bop, that Hanson] and when they began to hit it big she realized her dream too. “Ever since I was about 12 I had this fantasy that they were going to call me up one day and be like oh hey we want to add a girl to the band… but they never called,” she laughed. Instead she played in churches and even in a salsa band in Honduras and is now on the road for the Myspace Kate Voegele tour with her friend and band mate James Hamilton. Three random facts about the singer: on tour she can’t live without peanuts “for a lot of protein,” she says. She is also obsessed with Keane especially the “Hopes and Fears” album and listens to it all the time, and her favorite song to play is the last one of her set “How Babies are Born,” which she wrote with Esthero. Check out a clip of it in this video.