Classic & Charlavail: Week 4

We’ve contacted another round of winners for our Classic & Charlavail contest this week and reset the entries, so be sure to check your emails! You can now enter again for custom shoes, tees, stickers, and patches all designed by Charlavail. Enter here from your computer, sorry no mobile devices.

Plus, we’ve got the final downloadable art section from Charlavail for you guys to finish your DIY 3D Hansel & Gretel piece. If you missed section one or section two grab those first then download today’s new section below and follow the instructions. In the photos above you can see how she made the pieces for you guys and her final version all put together. Can’t wait to see how all of yours come out! 

Download section three here. Then, cut out the new pieces and glue them to your cardboard, trim off the excess and use scrap pieces to make it stand up, just like you did with the other pieces the last two weeks. Perfect weekend project, and don’t forget to enter the contest for this week! Good luck. -amanda 

ps. thanks to sam desantis for the photos! check out her rad blog. 

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