Classic & Charlavail: Week 3

Here’s part two of our video from when Charlavail came out to our office to get everything ready for the contest. Get to know her a little bit better and get a sneak peek at some of the art ideas for the prizes you can win in our Classic & Charlavail contest. We still have tons of tees, stickers, patches, and custom shoes all designed by Charlavail to give away so be sure to enter on our Facebook page. You have to enter from a computer, sorry no mobile devices. Be sure to enter each week, all entries are reset every Friday when new winners are drawn. If you were paying attention last week we gave you the beginning piece to a DIY art project that she created for you guys. This week we have piece #2, follow the instructions below! 

What you’ll need:
-Everything you started with last week, you can get that here if you haven’t already. 
-Another cereal box
 or piece of cardboard.
-This week’s new piece, click here to open it & print it out. 

Cut out the new piece and glue it to your cardboard, trim off the excess cardboard and create arms out of the leftover pieces to make it stand up, just like you did with the background last week. Come back next Friday for the next printable piece and set of instructions! Lastly, don’t forget to enter the contest! Good luck. -amanda 


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