DIY Studded Ankle Wrap:

 Besides my love for Vans sneakers, I’ve become quite the accessory fiend these days . However, not just any accessory will catch my eye - It’s got to have character and a sense of uniqueness to become an obsession of mine. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but ankle wraps and cuffs have been on the brain lately, so I decided to create one for myself that isn’t too bold, yet not safe either.This was a really simple DIY project to create, however I must warn you - working with a hot glue gun can get pretty brutal.

Here’s what you need: 2 skinny belts (I got mine from Forever 21), 50 cone studs, and a hot glue gun - OR you can of course use crazy glue as well.

  1. First straighten out your belt, and mark the area you plan on placing your studs. Be conscious of the fact you’ll be wrapping the belt around your ankle a few times, so you may not want to place studs throughout the entire belt length. 
  2. Now that you’ve got your starter mark, start to press in the needles exposed on the studs so that you’re left with a flat surface to glue. I used the floor to press the stud needles in, but you can use a pencil too.
  3. Once your stud’s needles are pressed in, carefully get your hot glue gun and dab a little glue onto the back-side of the stud, then place it on the belt. You want to create a neat row of studs. Also remember, that if you’re worried about burning your fingers with the glue gun, use crazy glue instead.
  4. Create two rows of studs, separated by at least 8 inches of belt, and give about 3 hours to let glue set completely. Once all is well with your ankle wraps, rock them with your Sk8-Hi Slim, and watch yourself become a major trendsetter. -brittany
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