DIY Leather Wrap Friendship Bracelet:

When you go to Summer camp, you learn several different things: Like how to build a proper fire, the importance of mosquito spray… and how to get your hands dirty in some pretty awesome crafts. One of my favorites is the friendship bracelet. A few months ago I shared with you the cute Hex Nut Bracelet, but this time we’re going a little more traditional.

What you need: At least 15 inches of leather rope, your favorite color of embroidery thread, scissors, glue, and some tape.

  1. Start off by securely taping your leather rope to a sturdy foundation. Make sure you leave at least 2 inches of the leather rope at the ends.
  2. Get your first color of thread and tie a knot where you want to start wrapping. Once you’ve located your “START” spot, dab a bit of glue on the area you plan on wrapping. Careful - this part can get pretty messy. 
  3. Begin wrapping your thread tightly around the leather rope. To ensure you’re getting a clean wrap, momentarily push up the thread so that it stays tight as you continue wrapping.
  4. Once you have finished with one color of thread, dab some more glue on the end, and use your fingers to press the glued thread to the leather.
  5. Get your next color of thread and knot it around the rope at the end of the previous color…this will also help secure the previous thread to the rope. Once you’ve knotted your thread, continue wrapping the next color around the leather rope. Continue doing this with as many colors as you like. You can even get a little creative at wrap your thread around the entire leather rope.
  6. Once you have completed wrapping your bracelet, make a knot at one end, leaving enough space to slide the other end of the bracelet into the knot. Then, tie the open end to the other side of your friendship bracelet. Voila! You can make bracelets for all your best girlfriends! -brittany
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