Staring at my old white Authentic Lo Pros, I wondered what I could do to make them one-of-a-kind.  They were my first ever pair of Vans (5 years old!) and they’ve been through quite a bit.  I came up with the idea of dip-dyeing them:  I’ve never seen it on shoes, although it is a major trend for clothes.  This is by far my favorite DIY yet.

Here’s what you’ll need: A pack of fabric dye in your favorite color, your trusty white Vans, rubber or latex gloves, a bucket, boiled water, and a large spoon.

1. Boil enough water to fill the bucket so half of your shoes can soak in it.  Take your project outside and read the dye directions (Some dyes say putting salt in the water will better the results).  

2. Put on your gloves, pour the dye into the water and stir until dissolved.

3. Start dip-dyeing!  Place your Vans in the dye (take the laces out and lift up the tongues!), and let it soak. You can try dyeing the heel or the toe, whichever you prefer!  If you don’t want a defined line as to where the dye starts, move the shoe up and down a little so it’s not at the same position the entire time.  Keep it in the dye for about 15 minutes each shoe.

4.  Take your shoes out, and lay out to dry for a few minutes.  Then rinse your Vans with a hose or in the sink until the water runs clear.

5.  Let them dry overnight, lace up, and you got your dip-dyed Vans!-alyson

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